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Get on the plane with peace of mind; book your mandatory antigen rapid test with travel certificate here:

Important! Travellers departing by plane from Schiphol should have a negative Covid19 test. Depending on your itinerary and destination, this can be a certain number of hours old. *Please note that these time periods differ per country. See our frequently asked questions for more information.

Please note: Appointments made here cannot be linked to the Corona-check app. You will not get a QR code!

Which test do I need?

Click here for up-to-date travel information on all countries.

Explanation of different COVID tests

Antigen test

Results within 30 minutes

RIVM approved antigen test

With international travel certificate

PCR urgent

Fastest PCR of the Netherlands

Results within 90 minutes

Also possible at Schiphol Airport

With international travel certificate

PCR today

Advantageous choice

Results before 22:00 hours

Also possible at Schiphol

With international travel certificate

PCR tomorrow

Advantageous choice

Results the next day BEFORE 22:00 (also in the weekend)

With international travel certificate

What COVID test should I have taken before my trip?

Each country has its own rules that change regularly. Go to the website of the national government ( ) for more information about your destination's COVID test requirements.

On the National Government website, for more information, go to travel advisories - your destination - coronavirus - entry restrictions.

NOTE: You are responsible for meeting the testing requirements of your destination. If you can't figure it out at, you can contact your travel agent and/or the embassy.

Where can I find the location Arrivals 4 / Amsterdam Shuttle Desk?
I want to cancel.

You can cancel yourself via the link in the confirmation email. If you do this at least 1 hour before your appointment, there are no costs involved and you will receive a full refund. If you cancel outside this period, there will be no refund.

 You will receive the refund in your account within 7 working days.

How do I change the appointment?

You can change the appointment via the link in the confirmation of receipt.

 How do I receive the results of the COVID test?

You will receive the result and the corresponding English (travel) certificate by secure e-mail. It is possible to have the certificate printed at the test site.

 When do I receive the results of the COVID test?

Antigen rapid test: The result with certificate is sent by e-mail within 30 minutes.

PCR test: This depends on the specific PCR test you book. The result is visible in the description of the test booked.


NOTE: Did you not receive the result within the time frame? Check your SPAM inbox. No results? Call (+31621421803), e-mail ( or walk back to the test site.

  I am not a Dutch citizen, can I be tested at Schiphol?

Yes, we test travellers from all over the world. If you want to know which tests are required for your return trip, please try the website below: 

I do not have a BSN/ISZN number.

If you indicate that you do not have the Dutch nationality, you do not need to enter a BSN number.

 I have a transfer at Schiphol, can I be tested at Schiphol?

Our location is for customs and security. If you are allowed to come from the transit area, you can be tested at our location.


It is also possible to be tested in the transit area. For more information, please contact Airport Medical Services.

 What is stated on the travel certificate?

What is stated on each certificate varies.


1.          PCR test : name, date of birth, sex, document number, method of test taking, date/time of test taking, date of result, type of test, details of the laboratory, name and signature of our medical director.

2.          Antigen Rapid Test : name, date of birth, sex, document number, date/time of test administration, test result, type of test, name and signature of our medical director.

 What is the sensitivity/reliability of the antigen rapid test?

We use the Abbott Panbio- Covid-19-Ag Rapid Test. The manufacturer reports a sensitivity of 98.1% and a specificity of 99.8%. These are mentioned on the certificate.

 Which tests does Test2Fly take?

1.          PCR test : PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. With a throat and nose swab, the PCR shows pieces of genetic material of the coronavirus in the swab of your throat and nose. In a laboratory, the pieces of genetic material found are copied and strongly multiplied. This multiplication gives a high test sensitivity.

2.          Antigen Rapid Test : Using a throat and nose swab, the antigen rapid test shows within 30 minutes whether the swab taken from your nose contains antigens of the coronavirus. Antigens are proteins that are on the outside of the coronavirus. If the test is positive, we know for sure that you are carrying corona in your nose and that you may be contagious. If the test is negative, you are probably not contagious, but because very small amounts of virus can be missed, we cannot rule it out.


The result comes with a certificate in English. It is your own responsibility to check whether the country of destination accepts this test.

 Is an antigen rapid test reliable?

Yes, the antigen rapid test is reliable. This applies to the CE-marked rapid tests which have been approved by the RIVM. It is true that if you test negative you are probably not contagious, but it cannot be ruled out with 100% certainty.

 Is your PCR test an RT-PCR?

Yes, all PCR tests for the coronavirus are RT-PCRs. RT stands for Reversed Transcription. Because a PCR requires double-stranded genetic material and the coronavirus is an RNA virus, the single-stranded RNA must first be converted into double-stranded material. This process is called Reversed Transcription.

 What is a NAAT test?

NAAT stands for nucleic acid ampliciation test. Our PCR test is an example of this. NAAT is a collective name for several tests that are approved for entry and exit in various countries. You can book various PCR tests with us - there is always a suitable solution.

 What happens with positive test results?

SARS-CoV-2 falls under the duty to report infectious diseases according to the Public Health Act (Wpg). We are obliged to report positive results to your local GGD and may not do so anonymously. After reporting, the GGD may contact you for a source and contact investigation. The infectious disease doctor at the GGD will assess the risk of infection and whether any measures are required, such as isolation and quarantine. Always follow the guidelines of the RIVM.

  Can children be tested as well?

Yes, we test people of all ages. If you are bringing a child under 12 months, please call or email us in advance so that one of our doctors is informed and an extra experienced staff member will be on site.

 When do I have to pay for the test?

You pay for the test directly when booking the appointment via iDeal or Credit Card.


For companies with multiple employees it is possible to do this on invoice. For more information you can call us (+31621421803) or send us an e-mail (  

 Which rules apply at Schiphol?

For more information and questions concerning Schiphol we would like to refer you to this page of Schiphol.


 I have a complaint. What can I do?

For more information:  complaints-procedure-test2fly (PDF) .


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